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Sodalite is the stone of clarity and is useful is so many situtations.  It is aligned with with both your throat and third eye chakra so it can bring clarity and insight to speak your truth.  When you are having trouble trusting yourself, grab this stone to supercharge your intuition like a double shot of espresso!  It is such a calming but powerful stone and would be super beneficial to add it to your meditation practice or to place it on your desk.  Plus it's pretty to look at with it's shimmer and silver flecks on it!

  • Color: Blue/Gray with some white and silver
  • Size: 1-1.25 inch each
  • Listing is for one crystal and will be similar to the ones pictured.  These are all natural and raw sodalite crystals so every stone is different.
  • Crystals should never take the place of medical treatment.